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Air Hood Face Shield with PAPR Unit

$1,595.95 ea


  • A light protective shield with easily exchangeable visor provides respiratory and face protection in grinding and dusty environments
  • When connected with the CleanAIR Powered Air Respiratory system, the unit provides a controlled system of constant air flow to the worker
  • Kit includes battery charger, belt mounting system and filters
  • Operation time up to 10 hours (with a new filter and airflow at 160 l/min)
  • Short battery recharge time – only 3 hours
  • Adjustable airflow (160 l/min and 210 l/min)
  • Audio visual and vibrating alarm indicates low airflow and low battery charge
  • Simple control with one button
  • Faceshield only weighs 520g
  • Easily replaceable Visor – spare parts available