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Badger Gold®Touch Freezer Glove (Code: PPH200)

$37.95 ea


  • The New and Improved Badger PPH200 Gold® Touch Freezer Glove has been developed in conjunction with the Cold Storage Industry to provide durability, longevity, dexterity, and warmth all in one. This glove to date has proven to be the premium “Gold” standard in freezer thermal gloves, however, it’s versatility and durability mean it is the ultimate glove for any cold situation in any industry!
  • NEW Strong cowhide palm
  • NEW Reinforced wear points
  • NEW Double Kevlar stitching
  • NEW Conductive touchscreen pad on pointer finger
  • 150gm Thinsulate insulated lining
  • Deerskin palm reinforced with suede leather
  • Suede leather provides extra durability and grip
  • Kevlar stitching
  • Forearm Suede leather protection
  • Warm & Low profile by design
  • Extended elastic wrist band warmth trapper
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